Stephen A. Florek III, Esq.

Stephen is the managing attorney of Florek & Counsel, LLC. Prior to organizing Florek & Counsel, Stephen worked primarily as a private legal consultant for a number of respected law firms and corporate entities throughout the New York and New Jersey area. 

Specialty Areas of Practice

Stephen A. Florek III specializes in intellectual property, entertainment law, wealth preservation planning, and complex entity structuring. Mr. Florek first began his career in the entertainment industry working with Academy Award-winning producers and world-renown recording engineers. Stephen, a graduate of Pace University School of Law, later redirected his attention towards providing professional legal services to those in the entertainment and corporate sectors.

Stephen began his legal career working with the New Jersey Superior Court, where he worked within the civil division under the Honorable Judge Martin E. Kravarik. Thereafter, he associated with a boutique, Westchester, New York-based law firm specializing in domestic and international intellectual property law where he advised inventors, musicians, artists, manufacturers, corporations and production studios on the complexities of protecting and exploiting their intangible assets.

Stephen has since worked with world-leading international technology companies, well-respected New York and New Jersey law firms, and premier entertainment and production companies throughout the tri-state area.


Stephen Florek's Direct Contact Information


Office: 914-219-4128 ext.701